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Mini Northwest Tour 2010
August 4th - The Palace in Missoula, MT with War Time Blues, and Pony Canon
August 5th - Mootsy's in Spokane, WA with Belt of Vapor
August 6th - The Sunset Tavern in Ballard, WA with The Royal Bear, Summer Babes, Panama Gold
August 7th - Dante's in Portland, OR with Don and the Quixotes, The Polaroids, and The Lordy Lords

February 26
Volumen @ The Palace with Secret Powers and Airstream Safari!

Ziggy Stardust 10-year Anniversary
Halloween!  Yup, get psyched.  We are going to recreate the first Volumen show ever (with the current line-up).  We'll do the Ziggy Stardust record in it's entirety.  Then, stay tuned after that set for a special suprise.  Expect Volumen doing covers that you never expected in your life.  *cough* Black Flag is possible *cough*.

Also The Victory Smokes will be doing rad early 90s alternative covers like EMF's Unbelievable, I hear.

This show will also be at The Palace/Badlander - 10/31/2009

CD Release / KBGA Birthday Bash
Yup.  You read that right.  We have a new CD coming out very soon.  It's completely done, we are just finishing up the album art right now.  Come help us celebrate it on the 25th of September as part of the KBGA b-day bash.

This show will be at The Palace/Badlander  09/25/2009

Volumen, Wartime Blues and Broken Valley Road Show
Good times for sure. Friday, May 8th, 9:00...Badlander style brah!

Secret Powers CD Release show!
Come on down to the Palace on Friday, April 17th to hear some of our new stuff and support sophomore Secret Powers CD release. Boy Eats Drum Machine and 1090 Club will also be kicking out some jams, so you know it's gonna be a good time.

Badlander 9/13/08
More info soon on this show at the Badlander. Saturday night September 13th!

Old Post 8/29/08
This will be one of our rare all night performances of the the year. We will be at the Old Post all night long. Possibly with a short opening performance by our friend Johnny Apple. It's free!!! August 29th! Friday!

Badlander 8/15/08
Total Fest VII!!! We will be playing Friday night at Total Fest this year. The event is all ages! Buy a three day pass for $35 and enjoy all the amazing bands. Thurs-Sat August 14-16 at The Badlander and Palace.

Palace 8/9/08
It's the Secret Powers CD Release Show!! We'll be opening up for these guys along with our friend Johnny Apple. It's at the Palace Lounge. Probably five bucks.

Girl Talk @ UC Ballroom!
Girl Talk!!! Boosh! UC Ballroom on February 19th.

Rocky Horror Picture Show! Oct 31
We will performing the entire Rocky Horror soundtrack on Halloween night!!! w/ Pleaseasaur. Woo Hoo!!!

KBGA Birthday Bash! Sept 22
Come support local college radio @ The Badlander!! Lots of great bands and DJs....oh and us!

International Plaboys Farewall @ The Badlander
Yup.  You read that right.  The International Playboys are calling it quits.  They're going to rock all damned night, though, and we are the warm-up to the blow-out.  Make sure and get there nice and early cause we have some special surprises in store for the Playboys.  Ahh yeah.  Also, there will be Sparksmosas.  Yup.  That's right.  Sparkmosas.

Thurs. July 19th
Free Show!!! We're playing a free show at Caras Park. It's The Independent's annual Best of Missoula Awards and they asked us to play. I think it starts around 6 p.m. Word!

Volumen @ The Badlander
Wednesday, June 20th
Yeah, all night with Volumen at the Badlander. Rumor has it we may even be doing a little DJ action between our sets. Better swing by to cheeck it out.

Old Poast Pig Roast
Saturday, June 16th
Thats right, we are doing it again. The Old Post Pig Roast is always a blast. There are a ton of bands playing all day (check back) and we are capping off the night. See ya there.

The Herman's Tour Kickoff
Friday, May 18th
Check this line up:
Black Velvet Elvis
Rooster Sauce
Victory Smokes
The Herman's
How can you pass that up? The Badlander 9:00 sharp!

Saturday April 7th
The Elks Lodge in Missoula - A can't miss show!!!! We're playing w/ some great bands. The Mathematicians, Shell Shag and Two Year Touqe. 18+

Friday March 23rd
Rock n Roll extravanganza @ The Other Side in Missoula w/ our friends The International Playboys and The Victory Smokes. 18+

Fri March 9th
All ages!!! @ The Boys & Girls Club in Missoula. Show starts early @ 7.

Monday November 20th
Where: Feruqis
What:   Volumen - Book of Maps - Hail Man, Well Met

Book of Maps are old friends of ours.  In fact, Doug and I used to play with Chris Pickolick from BOM in the band, Paul Bunyan Band.  Paul Bunyan Band did "interpretations" of classic console video game songs before this was done to death by the Mini-Bosses and The Advantage.  Doug and I, sadly, were fired from the group.

Anyway, they'll be swinging through town on Monday, the 20th and playing with us at Feruqis.  We're really excited to start doing shows at Feruqis.  I think it has tons of potentional.  I'm also excited to throw eggs at BOM.

Also on the bill are locals, Hail Man, Well Met.  I've only seen them once and they rocked my fucking socks off.  They remind me of The Shrimpers only they have a weird sorta prog-rock element in there also?  Also, I smelled a little bit of the jam band in them.  All in all, it was a delightful bouquet.

The show will probably start around 9:30ish and it'll cost around $4.  Come support RAWK, damn you!

Friday November 3rd
Where: The Elks
What:   Benefit for Richie Rowe

As you may, or may not have, heard, Richie Rowe (formerly of the Sputniks, The Disappointments and a handful of other bands) was in a serious motorcyle accident.

It's expected that his hospital bills are going to be insane, so some kind folks have organized some benefit concerts for him.  We were asked to play the one on the 3rd of November.   You can read more about Richie's accident and his current status at this website.

I know the Oblio Joes are playing with us as well, and I think I heard that J.C. Auto will also be there.  I'm sure they'll be more bands, stay tuned!

Saturday Oct. 14th
Where: Old Post - Downtown Missoula
What:   Volumen getting drunk and playing whatever you want us to.

We'll be playing all night!!  Ask for Miniature Action Jesus and we'll probably play it.  Ask for Jane's Addiction covers and we'll do them.  Ask for us to play songs by the Obes and we'll butcher them.  Ask us to stop playing and we'll say NO!

21+ - Free!! - Show starts at 10 p.m.

Sat Oct. 7th in Spokane!!
w/ The Lights and Belt of Vapor!!! @ Mootsy's

Fri Oct. 6th
At the Elks Lodge in Missoula w/ The Lights, Riddlin Que and The Touchers!!

Wed Sept 27th
Holy Shit!!! We're playing a show w/ MC Chris on this night!! Wooo Hooo! Bacon & Egg will also kick out the jams. It all takes place at the Loft in downtown Missoula. 9 p.m. probably 5 or 6 bucks.

Thurs August 3rd
Downtown Tonight @ Caras Park in Missoula. I think it goes from 6 - 9 p.m. There's food and and the show is free!!!!

Fri July 7th
Total Fest!!!!! This will be our fifth T-Fest! The only band to play all 5! Wooooooo-Hooooooo. We go on at 10:30 on the first night...Friday.
It's at the Fairgrounds this year!! All ages.

Tues June 20th
So Many Dynamos and Volumen at the Raven. I've heard great things about these Dynamos doods! Come check it out for yourself. All ages!!

Sat June 3rd @ The Old Post
Old Post Pub - Pig Roast!

I think a bunch of bands are playing this thing?  Maybe the Obes?  All we heard was "Blah blah blah, pig roast, blah blah blah" and we said yes.  C'mon down.  It'll rule!

Thursday May 18th @ The Raven
Bacon's Robotronic Lobster Claw Fundraiser!!!

As you might have read on our site, Bacon has royalled f'd up his arm.  Uncle Vanek put together a show to try and raise money for Bacon's surgeries.  The bill is spectacular!

Victory Smokes
Retardo Montalban
Riddilin Que
Two Year Touqe
and Volumen in the original format (old school, yo)
Bob Marshall might also be making a solo guest appearance.  I hope he's going to play the songs I think he is.  My fist is already pumping in the air!

The show is $5.  C'mon down and support Bacon!


Tue May 16th @ The Raven
Daniel Francis Doyle & Tuxedo Killers & Volumen @ The Raven

From all I hear from Niki, the Tuxedo Killers rule!  I don't know much about Daniel Francis Doyle, but I bet they rule as well.  Come on down for total rule-age.  DO IT!

Fri May 12th @ The Old Post
The Evolution of Volumen @ The Old Post

This isn't just Volumen playing all damned night at the Old Post (even though that's plenty good).  This is even better.  It's "Now I remember why I hated Volumen", a retrospective.

The first hour of the show will be Shane, Doug, Bryan and DJ Sloppydrunk (the DAT machine drum beats) playing ancient Volumen songs.  Some of which you will know (like Volumen Theme, How do you Spell, Andale, etc) and some of which you won't (like Beer, Mom's Gone, etc).  Even the songs you think you know, you don't know them like this.  The gay knob is turned up to 11 for this show and you may never see this action again!

After the crying is over, the real Volumen will take the stage and try and help you forget that ugly incident!

May 8th @ The Raven with Elf Power
Elf Power! - An amazing pop band from Athens Georgia are touring with The Instruments.
Local Acts - Volumen and Apples of Dischord
All Ages @ The Raven Cafe in Missoula

Sat April 22nd @ The Raven
The Ms / Deathray Davies / Volumen!!! @ The Raven

At the Raven!  The Ms (who are apparently pretty damned great!) and The Deathray Davies (who have played with us at least 2-3 times in the past and also rule) and us all rock out at the Raven.  This show will slay!

May 12th
The Old Post. The History of Volumen. Documented sonically all night beaaatch!

April 22nd
w/ The M's and Deathray Davies!!! At the Raven....all ages!

Wed April 5th
The Raven w/ The Mathematicians, The Joggers, and Two Year Touqe!! Holy crap...this may be the best show of the year so far in Missoula. A can't miss, doods!!

Volumen West Coast Tour
Mar 23, 8:00PM    Mootsey's, Spokane, WA (w. Belt of Vapor)
Mar 24, 9:00PM    Ray's Golden Lion, Richland, WA
Mar 25, 9:00PM    The Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR (w. Book of Maps)
Mar 26, 8:00PM    Synapsis, Eureka, CA
Mar 27, 8:00PM    Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA
Mar 28, 8:00PM    Red Square     Sacramento, CA
Mar 29, 9:00PM    The Coliseum,   Redding, CA
Mar 30, 9:00PM    The Sunset Tavern,   Seattle, WA (w.The Lights)
Mar 31, 8:00PM    Chiribins, Bellingham , WA (w. No-Fi Soul Rebellion)
Apr 1,   7:00PM     Mikey's Gyros, Moscow, ID

CD Release Show!!! March 10th
Well the new album is finally done!! Be the first in Missoula to get a copy this night at The Raven. The show is all ages!! We are going to have several high school and iddle school bands including Riddlin Que, Abstract Anthem, Zepher, and Happy Unit Gang opening up for us. Each band is playing one Volumen cover. See you there....!

Sat Feb 25th
Hey it's _pollen's last show! Come down to The Elks and enjoy some rock. The Lazerwolfs also grace us with their presence.

Mon Feb 20th
The M's, Volumen and The International Playboys 
The Raven 10PM

Fri Feb 17th
Come down to the Old Post in Missoula. Volumen will play all night!! And it's free!!

Thur Feb 2nd
15 of Montana‚Äôs best bands are showcasing their talents and vying for the title of Montana PBR Band of the Year. With this title they will receive: cold hard cash, 1000 full color glossy posters, PBR merchandise to give out at their shows for one year, and bragging rights!  Tonight we'll showcase the next five bands.

Universal Chole Sign
International Playboys
Oblio Joes

The Other Side 10PM