That's right.  We are such damned nerds that our website has a FAQ and a README file. 

NOTE: The README file can only be accessed on our BBS using a 1200 baud modem.

Why can't I view any of the videos in the Video section of the site?

They all use the xvid codec, so you may need that for your media player. You should be able to install the codec by following this link:

How come I can't hear Volumen Radio?

If you have a PC, you can either download a recent version of WinAmp and use that, or if you really have your heart set on using Windows Media Player (God only knows why?), then check out the filters at

If you are running Linux, then use XMMS, Amarok, Zinf, Mplayer or any of the countless and awesome Open Source applications.

If you have a Mac it's a little more tricky. Here's what Volumen^2 did...Download Audion player at Good Luck!!

How do you spell Volumen?

La la la la la la la Volumen.

What's the deal with you guys and Servotron?

As you may, or may not know, there is an old Volumen song called Servotron about the band of the same name. It was on the "Jay's Upstairs - Ram It Home" compilation back in the late 90s. We wrote that song because we met some of Servotron at show at The Moose here in Missoula (they were touring with the Subsonics and Man or Astroman). Volumen-1 was enraptured with Servotron, but the rapture wasn't returned. We felt dejected and wrote a song about it. We still love the band, though.

What do you guys drive on tour?

We have a 1982 Ford Amublance with working sirens and lightbar. Ahhh yeah! Not only does it get us waved through agricultural checkpoints in California, it enables us to mistaken hit the wrong switch while travelling on the Interstate and wreak havoc!

I heard you guys are old and married, is this true?

You are 9/10th correct. All of us are old (if 28+ is old) and all but one of us is married. We cant' tell you which one of us isn't married. It'll make for wacky hijinks if you decide to hit on us when we are in your town. Just like Three's Company.

Are you guys gay? I read that on your shirts.

We are gay in every way except that we don't have sexual relations with the same sex. At least, I don't think we do. So, if you are asking if we are gay like Turbonego, then the answer is no. If you are asking if we are as gay as tassles and Floam on your ten speed, then the answer is YES!

Why haven't you toured New Jersey yet?

Bob, I swear we'll get there one day.

Who are your favorite bands?

How long do you have? It'd be easier to tell you which bands we don't like. But, I'm still not doing that.

What's the deal with you guys and side projects?

Heh. We get along well with others apparently. This is the current listing of Volumen side projects and cross-pollinations:

Bacon and Egg - It doesn't do them justice to call them a Volumen side project. They really have more to do with Whodini and Slayer than they do with Volumen, but Bacon and Egg does contain Volumen Beta, Volumen Bkawck and Volumen^2.

Professor 3d6 - This is Volumen-1's alter-ego. Professor 3d6 raps about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and (more currently) does Video Game-related Mash-Ups!

Two Year Touqe - Two Year Touqe is certainly not a Volumen side project. They are just our good friends and Volumen^2 happens to play bass for them.

The International Playboys - Again. Nothing to do with Volumen except that their frontman, Monte Carlo, is related to Volumen-1 and Volumen^2 (we're brothers).