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As the introverted boy genius of VOLUMEN, it most often falls to Shane to write the songs that make the whole world sing and the young girls cry. When he’s not singing about underwater lovemaking or playing video games for 36 hours straight (passions which, as reliable sources inform, he enjoys more or less equally), Shane can usually be found pressing wildflowers in his lockable Holly Hobby diary (combination: 3-23-16) or walking and reading Popular Mechanics at the same time. He is also a world class mental archivist of nearly-forgotten pop acts of the early 1980s and an unrepentant fan of some of the fruitiest music ever recorded. In fact, the last male bonding I did with Shane was over our shared love of the Art of Noise, and the Magnetic Fields album Holiday.

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Hellride Music 01/28/2007
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Title: Science Faction Review
Author: Jay Schwartz

This is a pretty interesting band that comes from Montana of all places. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that good music can’t come from Montana (haha) but I guess I wasn’t expecting this energetic mixture of new wave, stoner pop and rock and roll from the Western frontier. Yes, I said the word “pop” but I don’t mean radio pop, this is more akin to a mixture of Queens of the Stone Age (early and new), Interpol, Velvet Underground and Failure. If you can roll with a combination like that then Volumen may be well worth your time.

I’m not even sure of the best way to describe this record, but here goes nothing. Volumen write songs that are absolutely all over the place. You get riffs that have slight stoner rock n’ roll tinge like Queens of the Stone and Monotonix but they mix it up with poppy hooks, quirky yet melodic vocals and a heavy use of keyboards and synths that add a definite New Wave feel to their overall sound. The opening track “Side of a Box” is a great preview of the things to come over the course of the next 15 tracks. This track is catchy as hell but really hard to describe. There are rock riffs, rhythms that wouldn’t sound out of place in some of the great bands of the 80’s, strong vocals and the tasteful use of synthesizers for extra flavor. This isn’t my usual jam for sure, because normally when I’m listening to 80’s sounding stuff, it is actually from the 80’s and not modern but this is damn good for certain. “Orson Welles was Right” is another awesome song that has a slight alt-rock feel in the verses but wanders into catchy pop during the chorus with trippy keyboards and a memorable lyrical hook that will surely stick with you. The band also likes throwing in some instrumentals as well to mix things up. “Descolada” is an interesting trip through new wave that finds a way to work in a sparing stoner groove from time to time. “The Launch” slowly fades in with odd noises and samples before building up to vocal-free new wave jam that shimmers with bright melodies and spaced out keyboards. “I Dunno” reminds me of the hugely under-rated Monotonix (Israel) if they toned down their balls out stoner rock elements a bit and concentrated more on their pop sensibilities and incorporated infectious keyboards into the mix. The band returns to their instrumental side on the 7+ minute epic “Dune” and its short, droning counterpart “Dune (Revisited)”. The former of which actually sounds quite eerie as it builds up with a decidedly heavier vibe and keyboards that have a darker tone as opposed to the more pop oriented fare of the disc’s earlier songs. In fact “Dune” has some of the band’s most psyched out guitar work with a few of the leads almost reminding me of Kyuss in some odd way and the whole track is epic in scope.

This entire record is really damn good. It surely isn’t for everyone as it depends on where your tastes lie but I found myself enjoying this thing as whole. No bum tracks, just a damn fun record to listen to with catchy songs and unique ideas that are well executed. A great listen for those feeling a bit adventurous. I’ll be sure and try to pick up their other releases based on the strength of this one.