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Chris Bacon bKCAWCK
Chris Bacon

First of all, let me just tell you that his middle initial is, in fact, P. That makes him Chris P. Bacon. Just go ahead and relish that for a minute. Done yet? Okay, Iíll wait. How about now? Real good, then: Chris is the clown prince of VOLUMEN, the bandís court jester, its theatrical fall guy. And also its most recent addition, although youíd never know it to hear the way his wicked cool keyboard lines blend seamlessly with VOLUMENís fully-realized, graduate level guitar pop sound. Chris is also the ace up the VOLUMEN lead vocal sleeve, the catalyst by which an already, um, uh, high-octane show can suddenly take that quantum leap into fourth-dimensional coitus between audience and band with a perfectly-timed cover of the KINKSí "Superman" or his own ladiesí-choice-slow-skate showstopper, "Super Confident Guy." And front-side ollies? Yeah, heís got those.

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Top Radio 04/03/2006
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Title: KBGA Top 30

Woooo Hoooo! We're #1 in Missoula yo!!