Cries From Space
Cries From Space

Released in the Spring of 2002. Recorded while on the Emergency Mustache Tour over a three day period, in Louder Studios by the super-awesome Tim Green.

Daddy's Other Finger
Sexy Astronaut
Type O Girl
Long Haul
[ Snakes ]

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Let me tell you 'bout the snakes, which abound,
buried beneath the fertile ground, which was,
if I recall correctly, my brain.

And the bees, incessantly making sound, when I shake my head around,
between the walls and the confines of my brain.

And the beardless clowns, who laugh without making a sound,
and you know, their laughter causes pain.

And the world falls down.....Boys, tell 'em about my brain.

And the children, missing from the town,
and the river, in which they drown.
And the blood goes circling down the drain.

The worm-tooth hounds.

And the snakes burrow down,
even deeper, and my head pounds and echos and reverberates in my brain.

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