Cries From Space
Cries From Space

Released in the Spring of 2002. Recorded while on the Emergency Mustache Tour over a three day period, in Louder Studios by the super-awesome Tim Green.

Daddy's Other Finger
Sexy Astronaut
[ Type O Girl ]
Long Haul

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  Type O Girl

you would do well if you got to know me
i would take you out and turn you on if it was meant to be
but theres only one thing that would ever hold me back
and that's if ... yer the type o girl who could slow it down.

if you could turn around and see all the boyz in town
who would delight you despite of short attention spans and extra mans
'droppin trou' just to draw a crowd
we could never be together becuz i was just to good good for you!

ust goes to show the you got... personality.
i want to know what do you... really want from me.
ya forgot yer underpants, pushed up yer two best friends.
busy hands gotta lots to do and thats- all right by me.

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