Science Faction
Science Faction

Released in March of 2006. Recorded and written at the Volumen Compound on and off over a four year period.

Side of a Box
[ Orson Welles Was Right ]
The Church With No Name
The Launch
Magnetic Communication
I Dunno
So What
Lush & Co.
The Last Mile
What I Gots

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  Orson Welles Was Right

When we wake up, it's better late than never.
I'm going to walk right through that radio.

Discs have landed like he planned it
only this time no one paid attention
to what's going on.

Minds go empty as they drain them.
Why oh why will no one listen?
Why oh why would no one heed his words?

I don't know how you could deny it.
Orson Welles was right about everything...
or just about.

This wasn't science fiction, it's fact.
We should have expected that.
He saw everything.

Ressurrect. Finish what you started.
Cause I think you ought to know.

Men have fallen, children died,
all our governments have lied
about what's going on.

We have forfeited our lives,
if only we'd heard Orson's cries
about everything.

I don't know how you could deny it....

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