How Do You Spell...?
How Do You Spell...?

Recorded in 1999 in the Volumen Compound. This album is the first record with the current Volumen line up.

Volumen Theme
Battle for Chromozon
[ Miniature Action Jesus ]

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  Miniature Action Jesus

I know what I'm wishing for.
It comes in little pieces.
It fights off all the monsters.
Miniature Action Jesus.
When we're in the elevator.
Nothing will come between us.
Kung climbing action, Miniature Action Jesus.
Miniature Action Jesus, comes in little pieces,
Miniature Action Jesus.

He's got that WonderRay.
Lokk out I think it freezes.
Hey Jesus, don't point that at me you little
spunky devil miniature Jesus.
I can hear him singing a tune,
something which displeases.
Oh you naughty, awkward, dissonant Action Jesus.
Miniature Action Dissonant Jesus.
Comes in plastic pieces, pleases.
I think I hear him signing leases.
Oh, Miniature Action Dancing Jesus.

Miniature Action Dancing Jesus comes with
everything seen here.
Including Jesus WonderCar, SuperHouse and FancyHat.

I still remember the day,
when I first purchased Jesus.
There were lots of bits and wrappers
and naughty, naughty, little pieces.
When I put them all together,
I dodn't know how what would greet us.

Hey look, here's his arm.
Hay, I got his leg.
Look mom, here's his cross.
Wow, we got the special bonus pack,
we got the crown of thorns.

Imagine my surprise,
first thing he did was sing this little silly song
about Miniature Action Dancing Jesus.
Then he unwound his robes and books,
and began to teach us.
I forgot most the stuff
from Miniature Action Jesus.

Pull the string,
and turn the other cheek he'd teach us.
Pull it again,
we would like to have our little Jesus teach us.
Miniature Action Dancing Jesus.

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