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New-Noise.Net 04/25/2006
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Title: Science Faction Review
Author: Jim Merrett

Volumen - Science Faction
By Jim Merrett
Fermented in remote Montana, think of this as a cheeky, potent moonshine. An aromatic nose of Violent Femmes with grisly, full-bodied Kyuss riffage and The Cramps-style trashing about the kick that hit the back of your throat. Halfway point �The Launch� even toys with OK Computer-era Radiohead. Beneath the creepy hick exterior a certain sophistication bubbles. These guys know their influences and while they toil in a relative backwater, the rest of the world has turned back on itself, digging up revival after revival, bringing them back to speed. And so redneck new-wave doesn�t sound that unlikely. The excitement mounts to the point you can feel the band playing through wide grins. Crank it up and enjoy.