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Volumen 2 :: Doug Smith
Volumen^2 :: Bryan Hickey
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Ink 19 09/01/2002
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Title: (Cries From Space) EP
Author: Ian Koss

Volumen may be musically schizophrenic, but that doesn't mean they're discordant. Blending a wide variety of pop influences, Volumen come off as a band that loves the whole melodic spectrum, combining unique vocal melodies with spot-on playing. Their penchant for switching moods and styles in the midst of songs makes them a sort of prog-pop outfit. The opening "Daddy's Other Finger" is nearly seven minutes of pop hooks, heavy riffing and a triumphant return to the chorus. Lyrics? How about "Fantasy Island comes on at five, and I can't wait to see who arrives"? You can't go wrong with a '70s TV reference.

Elsewhere in the album, we have "Type O Girl," another sparkling gem of quicksilver musical shifts and a fat analog synth lead that sounds like The Rentals with all the knobs turned all the way up. "Metallia" is a send-up of METAL. As in "where the fuck's the heavy metal?". "Nymph... Blood... Wine" seems to do the same for The Misfits (except for the instrumental piece in the middle, which is more than a bit Police-sounding) and "Snakes" is a dark-carnival piece worthy of Oingo Boingo or The World/Inferno Friendship Society. There's also bonus material (extra track, tour footage video) if you cram this into your computer.

Need more detail? Volumen seem to tour in a converted ambulance. Volumen seem to hail from Montana (actually, cabin fever would explain a lot). Volumen feature a Ramones-like nomenclature for their lineup -- Volumen 1, Volumen 2, Volumen Beta, Volumen Bkawck! and Volumen Square. How can they fail? I hope Volumen keep them coming and never take their medication.