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Shane Hickey

As the introverted boy genius of VOLUMEN, it most often falls to Shane to write the songs that make the whole world sing and the young girls cry. When hes not singing about underwater lovemaking or playing video games for 36 hours straight (passions which, as reliable sources inform, he enjoys more or less equally), Shane can usually be found pressing wildflowers in his lockable Holly Hobby diary (combination: 3-23-16) or walking and reading Popular Mechanics at the same time. He is also a world class mental archivist of nearly-forgotten pop acts of the early 1980s and an unrepentant fan of some of the fruitiest music ever recorded. In fact, the last male bonding I did with Shane was over our shared love of the Art of Noise, and the Magnetic Fields album Holiday.

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Ink 19 09/01/2002
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Title: (Cries From Space) EP
Author: Ian Koss

Volumen may be musically schizophrenic, but that doesn't mean they're discordant. Blending a wide variety of pop influences, Volumen come off as a band that loves the whole melodic spectrum, combining unique vocal melodies with spot-on playing. Their penchant for switching moods and styles in the midst of songs makes them a sort of prog-pop outfit. The opening "Daddy's Other Finger" is nearly seven minutes of pop hooks, heavy riffing and a triumphant return to the chorus. Lyrics? How about "Fantasy Island comes on at five, and I can't wait to see who arrives"? You can't go wrong with a '70s TV reference.

Elsewhere in the album, we have "Type O Girl," another sparkling gem of quicksilver musical shifts and a fat analog synth lead that sounds like The Rentals with all the knobs turned all the way up. "Metallia" is a send-up of METAL. As in "where the fuck's the heavy metal?". "Nymph... Blood... Wine" seems to do the same for The Misfits (except for the instrumental piece in the middle, which is more than a bit Police-sounding) and "Snakes" is a dark-carnival piece worthy of Oingo Boingo or The World/Inferno Friendship Society. There's also bonus material (extra track, tour footage video) if you cram this into your computer.

Need more detail? Volumen seem to tour in a converted ambulance. Volumen seem to hail from Montana (actually, cabin fever would explain a lot). Volumen feature a Ramones-like nomenclature for their lineup -- Volumen 1, Volumen 2, Volumen Beta, Volumen Bkawck! and Volumen Square. How can they fail? I hope Volumen keep them coming and never take their medication.