Science Faction
Science Faction

Released in March of 2006. Recorded and written at the Volumen Compound on and off over a four year period.

Side of a Box
Orson Welles Was Right
The Church With No Name
The Launch
Magnetic Communication
I Dunno
[ So What ]
Lush & Co.
The Last Mile
What I Gots

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  So What

I can understand machinery
and perform mathematical computations.
I manipulate the keys to make a million electrons dance.
But so what?
What good does that do?
I still don't understand you. And you're driving me crazy.

Well I'd barter it all away,
if you could tell me the things I need to say
to get you to stop crying for a minute.
Just let me take all that talking back.

Are there no rules to the game that we're playing?
And do we have to go on playing it?
Because I'm going crazy.

I can understand both proofs and theorems,
utilizing imaginary numbers.
I've concocted romantic serums.
I can understand most things penumbric.
But so what?

Well I've written up a thousand solutions
to problems that can't be solved.
And I think I've figured out what to say
when you tell me it's all my fault.
So what.

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