Volumen's Leisure Army
Volumen's Leisure Army

This E.P. was recorded in the late-ish 1990s in the Volumen Compound.

[ Chainsaw Massacre ]

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  Chainsaw Massacre

Make you throw your hands high in the air
C'mon party people the Professor is here
Servin' up grits in an Epson flask
Show me a punk and I'll take em to task

It's so hot I can only swelter
My Pappy's broke and mad. Helter Skelter.
Nothing to do but desecrating tombs
breaking off bones for decorating my room.

What'd you expect, the man threw us out
You don't need no sledgehammer to bring a calf down
Piston driven? It ain't the same
One man, cracking skulls, that's more humane.

I can't think..... damn.

Too many chefs in the kitchen.
Hit the road, thumb up, to go hitchin' rides.
Stop, break, skid..
get picked up by some screwheaded kids.

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