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  Emergency Mustache Tour (2001)
Emergency Mustache Tour) - toured with the Amulance (maiden voyage) - went west till portland, south to San Diego, east to Austin, north back home.

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Part 1

Well the tour got a late start because of all the craziness at the Blue Heron the night before. We didn't hit the road until about 1:30. This left very little room to doddle on the way to Portland. Click here for pictures of us leaving Missoula.

Somehow we found time on the way to Portland to stop and have a nice sit down lunch at Senor Froggy. Here's some photos from that excursion.

After the Senor Froggy's  fiasco it was time to haul ass to Portland. Unfortunately we couldn't do that because we were worried that the ambulance might go into vapor lock again. The speed at which we were traveling put us in Portland a little late. Right as we pull into Portland the ambulance ran out of gas. We would of known we were running out of gas if the gauges worked....which by the way they don't.  So Bacon and Dug took off for gas. Upon returning we realized that it still wouldn't start. The fuel pump in the ambulance isn't electric and we were on an incline..... therefore there was no way that gas was getting to the carburetor. So we would have to put gas directly into the carburetor. This would be easy if we had a wrench.... which by the way we didn't. (The running gag on tour when we played Videogamin' was that we didn't have a wrench when we broke down, but we did have an Atari 2600.) After talking with AAA forever, a passer by strolled by and he happened to have a wrench. This was great..... what wasn't great was the fact that this guy was crazy. He told me he couldn't drink because he had cirrhosis of the liver. In fact he had a rare "Indian liver" that only comes around every 100,000 years or so. Therefore he could only smoke that "Indian tabacci". He also went on to say that he was going to go night fishing..."fuck the game warden!" Any ways he fixed our problem. We got to the club too late to play. There were several hundred people there to see John Doe. Here's a picture of the show we never played. 

We left Portland that night and drove directly to Eureka. Here's some photos of the drive to Eureka.

In Eureka we found out pretty fast that it's cold on the we all bought jackets. We played at The Vista. It's a restaurant until about 10 then it turns into rock club. They gave us cheap food and Pabst. The owner Bob was awesome....he wore a pirate hat most of the night. Bob ended up driving to our Oakland show with Drunk Horse a few days later. After the show we were offered a place to stay.....a frat house. All the members but a few were gone so there were plenty of couches to go around. I only have a few photos of Eureka....unfortunately none of them are from The Vista.

After Eureka we headed to Sacramento. I don't have much to say about this place....other than it seriously sucks! The bands we were supposed to play with cancelled to see some famous director talk. We played for a few hours to two pool tables. It was a nice practice with free booze and a couple of bucks for the road. There are no pictures of this crappy place.

We drove that night to San Francisco to stay with Bob's sister.....Alex. She had a great place outside of San Fran. We spent several nights there recouping, eating sushi, etc. Here's a few photos of San Fran. The rest will come in part 2 of this adventure.

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