Cries From Space
Cries From Space

Released in the Spring of 2002. Recorded while on the Emergency Mustache Tour over a three day period, in Louder Studios by the super-awesome Tim Green.

Daddy's Other Finger
Sexy Astronaut
Type O Girl
[ Long Haul ]

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  Long Haul

i saw a band last night at jay's...

they made me sick.
i said to myself yer in for the long haul the long haul.
after the show we sat down and drank some beer.
this is when justin said he watches days of our lives.

yer in for the long haul. i hear it under yer breath.
i know the reasons. you will confess this mess.

after last call it was time for after hours.
this is when i knew i had to show up and throw up.
i drank more beer and didnt have to pay to entertain.
this is when i dance around like a monkey and pirate.

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