Science Faction
Science Faction

Released in March of 2006. Recorded and written at the Volumen Compound on and off over a four year period.

Side of a Box
Orson Welles Was Right
The Church With No Name
The Launch
[ Magnetic Communication ]
I Dunno
So What
Lush & Co.
The Last Mile
What I Gots

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  Magnetic Communication

Electricly, he speaks for me
by using wires that we can't see.
My words go quickly 'neath the sea,
faster than the speed of light.

He carries on
and before long you can read what I said wrong.
I ramble on and on and on,
faster than the speed of light.

I need you
laserbeam-guided remotely operated thought machine
travelling a pipe all around the world.
And it's fast, but it seems like,
it takes about a hundred years
to bring my words across the world and over to you.

Magnetic squeels and words for meals.
I'll feed him reels and reels and reels.
My thoughts run, nipping, at his heels,
faster than the speed of light.

My quick machine, my engine beast,
my thoughts will make your steam.
And as you sail beneath the sea,
faster than the speed of light.

HAL guide my...

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