Cries From Space
Cries From Space

Released in the Spring of 2002. Recorded while on the Emergency Mustache Tour over a three day period, in Louder Studios by the super-awesome Tim Green.

[ Daddy's Other Finger ]
Sexy Astronaut
Type O Girl
Long Haul

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  Daddy's Other Finger

he cleans his room until it glows-
he's gotta have his ducks in a row.
a vacuum to catch the crumbs
and a mouth for a hole.
you make a mom so very proud.
no worries to get hung about.
his timings bad the wirings worse-
static crashes on the tube.celebrity guest is all a blur,
when shaking hands with tattoo.
fantasy island comes on at 5.
and i cant wait to see who arrives!

what would happen if he broke his leg?
who would know which one to mend?
it aint so hard. it's gotta mind of it's own.
daddy's other finger is solid gold!

so dont forget it. it's gotta be told.
it's on the tip of the tongue in yer mouth.
dont regret it. cuz im over and out.
i cant believe were making payments
(making babies in) on an ambulance.

it's 5 o'clock and time to clean-
sisters up watching t.v.
aint no static control when private benjamins free.

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