Volumen 1 :: Shane Hickey
Volumen 2 :: Doug Smith
Volumen^2 :: Bryan Hickey
bKCAWCK :: Chris Bacon
Volumen Beta :: Bob Marshall

Volumen Band

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Missoula Independent 02/27/2003
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Title: 2003 Best of Missoula
Author: Independent Staff

Best Local Band
Volumen rocket right into first place this year�in spite of not having played a single show (well, okay� one unofficial one under a different name) in nearly five months! The timing of their landslide win couldn�t have been better, either, as Feb. 28 marks the long-awaited return of these space-pop-proggers to live performance. A very encouraging year for original local music, with the Tom Catmull Band scoring a respectable second place. In third: rowdy cover-dealers the Tom Cats.