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Volumen 1's Tour Diary


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  Science Faction (2006)
10 days of madness promoting our latest release in the NW and California.  Partially documented by Damon Ristau.

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Holy moly!  We had a blast last night at Mootsy's.  We played with The Duckets and Belt of Vapor.  They are both phemonal bands and rad dudes.  The Duckets were like a roots/tribal version of The Butthole Surfers with some Rick James in there.  Hmm.. that doesn't do them justice.  Belt of Vapor were a power three piece that brought to mind some technical mayhem that you might hear at a Lightning Bolt concert only it felt more thought out and planned.  They were awesome and my descriptions of both bands isn't cutting it right now (I need caffeine).

Anyway, we sold like 15 shirts/cds before we even played one note, so we had an idea that it would be rad.  We kicked out the jams, people danced and sang along.  I couldn't have imagined a better show, especially for the first show of tour.  Hot dog!  Merchbot (I'll take a picture of him soon) did a great job of getting people to come over to the merch table.  Then our charming dorkery convinced them to buy stuff... heh.

I didn't take many pictures, but I got some good video.  So, I'll add stuff as we get it.  We're in the mall now waiting for Damon (our documentary film maker) to drop by so we can hit the road.  Oh yeah, I probably didn't mention that.  We have a documentary filmmaker with us until Portland.  He's in some international documentary contest where you get 5 days to make a 4-8 minute documentary and he was only told what his category was on Wednesday the 22nd.  So (very last minute), he hopped in the 'blance with us and we're making movies!  We'll keep you abrest of the situation.

Thanks again to Jer and Devan for making our Spokane experience so friggin' rad!  They promoted the hell out of the show and let us crash at their house.  We got video of a completely crazy person at their house at 3am.  He showed us his pentagram brand on his stomache.  Doug cried and we hid in the basement.  Heh.  Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was our soundtrack for the whole experience.  Ahhh yeah! Take that documentary!

- Volumen-1
p.s. pictures coming soon.
p.p.s  Jer and Bob made curried hashbrowns, migas, sticky rice with sour cream / sirracha mixed together.  We're psyched.

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