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Doug Smith

If Shane is the high school Physics Club treasurer of VOLUMEN, Doug is the affable, popular guy who toes the fine line between band dork and senior class president. Cheerleaders leak the info that they want him to ask them out, but he’s always genuinely nice to the less popular girls and boys, too. In addition to writing most of what doesn’t get written by his longtime friend and musical partner, Shane (in the platonic sense, that is—at least we THINK so), Doug’s signature wikkid lyxx and fine tenor are the yin to Shane’s yang, the butter to Shane’s muffin, the hot dog in Shane’s....well, anyway, the other half of the songwriting equation. Additionally, Doug is a beacon of calm and tranquility in his other bandmates’ roiling sea of adolescent squirreliness, and a fine cook to boot. The last male bonding I did with Doug was undertaken when we spent two days in the Montana wilderness picking morel mushrooms. Oh, the magic he worked with those little morsels...

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Montana Kaiman 10/09/2002
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Title: Volumen's toughest act to follow was bikini contest
Author: Ira Sather-olson

Contributed by Ira Sather-Olson
Wednesday, 09 October 2002

Missoula's well-known space rockers, the Volumen are composed of Volumen 1 (vocals, guitar, megaphone), Volumen 2 (vocals, guitar), Volumen Beta (drums, cowbell), Volumen Bkawck (synthesizer, vibes, tambourine, wurlitzer, piano, vocals) and Volumen Squared (bass).

Eye Spy decided to ask these curious nanobot rockers some questions about their current musical output.

Responses are from Volumen 1 and Volumen Bkawck.

Q: From what vortex did Volumen come out of?

A: Have you ever seen that movie "Battle Beyond the Stars" with John Boy from the Waltons? What about "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" with Molly Ringwald? We're from the same vortex that belched out those gems.

A: (Volumen Bkawck) The Crab Nebula.

Q: How long has Volumen been in existence?

A: Volumen 1 and Volumen 2 began the primitive core of Volumen nearly 1,000 years ago, in binary. Thankfully, after cooling, that core was repeatedly struck by spheroids containing the life-forces of Volumen Squared, Volumen Beta and Volumen Bkawck about 11 binary years ago.

A: (Volumen Bkawck) This line-up, three years.

Q: If you were to name your style of music, what would you call it?

A: Well, Dave Crider (from Estrus Records) supposedly called us "Heavy New Wave."

If that'll help sell records, then I'm down. I mean, he managed to get a gazillion people to buy records by The Mummys, so he must know something.

Q: Did you guys ever have any humiliating and/or sarcastically gratifying moments at a show?

A: Hmm... we once played a show in Sandpoint, Idaho. Unfortunately, we played after a bikini contest. Lemme tell ya, brother, that's a hard act to follow. I would say that, without pyrotechnics, or perhaps a robot donkey, there's nothing you can do that won't stop people from thinking, "Jeez, I wish the bikini ladies would come back out."

A: (Volumen Bkawck) Every show we play is simultaneously humiliating and gratifying.

Q: How has your audience reacted to the cosmic chaos that is Volumen?

(Manic dancing, riots in the streets, etc.)

A: In Richland, Wash., some fans baked us a cake with the robot from our Web page as icing. In Eureka, Calif. when the show was canceled, some of the Volumany let us play in their basement. Actually, it was their parent's basement, but their parents had ginger ale, goldfish crackers and M&Ms for us. That's as close as we get to riots.

Q: Where do you derive your musical influences and/or inspiration?

A: You know how when answering machines first came out, you could buy those tapes of musical answering machine greetings? I'd say that it pretty much all comes from there.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the "Priority One" kickoff concert? Why are you guys participating in it?

A: Woah... woah... woah... Priority One? Shoot... someone told me it was a bikini contest. Actually, I'm a little torn on this thing. I mean, as a devotee of all things post-apocalyptic it's hard for me to denounce nuclear weapons, seeings how that's our vehicle to actually star in our own post-apocalyptic movie. But, then I remember how bad "Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome" was, and I come to my senses.

Q: Does Volumen plan on releasing a new album or EP in the near future?

A: We are taking the winter off to work on a new album. It's going to be a little darker than Cries from Space or Superconfident Guy. But don't worry, you can still buy those albums all winter long.

Q: What sort of "Super Galactic Pimp Ride" does Volumen use when touring?

A: We drive a converted ambulance. And, yes, the lights and sirens still work (everyone asks that). And, no, we've never gotten the balls to intentionally make use of the lights or sirens while on the road.

Although, I'd say we've run them about 10-15 times by accident.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for disenfranchised college kids?

A: If you don't want to be working as a pit slave, tending to the blind cave cows that make our juicy burgers, then you need to start being nicer to nerds. Because one day, we will be your dark overlords.

Q: How often will you be playing in the coming months?

A: We'll be playing only once, on October 16th at Jay's with Arlo (a phenomenal band). Then we get frozen in carbonite for a few months, where we will be "playing" all winter long.