Science Faction
Science Faction

Released in March of 2006. Recorded and written at the Volumen Compound on and off over a four year period.

Side of a Box
Orson Welles Was Right
The Church With No Name
The Launch
Magnetic Communication
[ I Dunno ]
So What
Lush & Co.
The Last Mile
What I Gots

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  I Dunno

I dunno what kind of guys you like
but maybe tonight I can be what you like?

I don't even know Karate and I'm afraid of heights
and I can't take you out for a spin on the back of my motorbike.

I don't know shit about nouns or declensions of verbs.
I'm just no good with words.
So fuck what you heard.

See, I seen you standing over there honey, nearly all night.
So please don't tell me again, that you came here with some guy.
See I don't want to hear it.
And I couldn't take it.

I can't, I can, I can't, I can, I can't, I can...
I can't stand it.

I won't remember shit that you said, or where I parked your car...
check in front of the bar.
Can't remember the shape of your face, or the day that you were born.
Honey, I'm just getting warm.

Can't say that I'll keep you safe and I won't keep you from harm.
But I'll keep you warm.

I don't know what kind of guys that you like.

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