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Doug Smith Volumen 2
Doug Smith

If Shane is the high school Physics Club treasurer of VOLUMEN, Doug is the affable, popular guy who toes the fine line between band dork and senior class president. Cheerleaders leak the info that they want him to ask them out, but he’s always genuinely nice to the less popular girls and boys, too. In addition to writing most of what doesn’t get written by his longtime friend and musical partner, Shane (in the platonic sense, that is—at least we THINK so), Doug’s signature wikkid lyxx and fine tenor are the yin to Shane’s yang, the butter to Shane’s muffin, the hot dog in Shane’s....well, anyway, the other half of the songwriting equation. Additionally, Doug is a beacon of calm and tranquility in his other bandmates’ roiling sea of adolescent squirreliness, and a fine cook to boot. The last male bonding I did with Doug was undertaken when we spent two days in the Montana wilderness picking morel mushrooms. Oh, the magic he worked with those little morsels...

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Smother Magazine 03/29/2006
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Title: Science Faction Review
Author: J-sin

If you were driving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles having already downed a few beers and are driving in a convertible with the top down and the lights off, despite the fact it’s well past midnight, you’d also be listening to Volumen. It’s raunchy rock-n-roll that’s in your face with mighty cigarette piercing guitar fuzz and manic drums. Oh and did I mention that they’re from the quite dead music scene of Montana? You know that state that probably has more livestock that humans. But regardless of their musical isolation the folks in Volumen make the best of it with hard rock with keyboards that help any Montanan drown their sorrows.