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(Cries from Space Tour) - toured with ourselves - went west to Eugene, south to San Diego and back home again.

Tour diary by Squared

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Our first show on the road was in Portland OR. We had decided early on in this adventure, that we would leave early for every gig. The last time we were on tour we missed our first show in Portland. (Note: Volumen takes no responsibility for missing this show. All blame can be placed on Grady Gadbow's motorcycle and Kelly Gately of the Fireballs of Freedom) half way to Portland on this particular tour, our left rear tire blew out on The Ambulance. It was pretty damn scary, but Volumen 1 handled the situation like a pro. I feel like my supporting role as the guy in the fetal position crying to his mommy also played a pivotal role in this production. The tow truck dude made it to our remote location in record time. He told us a story about a famous rock n' roller whose car he towed after he was busted for a DUI. Unfortunately he couldn't remember the fellow's name. Let's just say it was the drummer from Night Ranger. Apparently the cop pulled him over and asked him if he had been drinking. The guy says, "yep." Then he points to a 24oz. beer can on the dash and says, "ya been drinking those." And the guy says, "yep." The cop says, "How many have you had?" The guy says, "oh five or six." So they hauled his ass to jail. Anyway the point of all this rambling is that it pays to leave early. We arrived at the Blackbird in Portland with plenty of time to drink whiskey and play Raiders of the Lost Ark pinball. Side note...the bartender at this joint turned out to be the fella who gave our first record a shitty review in the Mercury some years back. What a charming fellow he was. There are a few photos from the morning after at Andrew Pig's house. We didn't take many photos on this tour, so don't expect the booty y'all received on the Mustache Tour Diary. This tour was mainly documented on a camcorder. The VHS and DVD will be available by year's end. I shit you not!

This is a shot of me enjoying some of nature's whiskey out of a Tom and Jerry glass. That's water for you common folk.

Here's Bobby looking a little under the weather. I think the scattered beer on the table tells the story here.

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