Volumen 1 :: Shane Hickey
Volumen 2 :: Doug Smith
Volumen^2 :: Bryan Hickey
bKCAWCK :: Chris Bacon
Volumen Beta :: Bob Marshall

Volumen Band

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Dreams Never End 10/01/2002
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Title: VOLUMEN Cries from space (CD)(Wantage USA)

Volumen are average people and yet they look very different...dressed in white and surrounded by old pc's and old hi-fi equipment, Volumen are bringing you a sort of rock that's completelely electronised. The electronic beeps that are swirling through their rockmusic make you think of both Devo (it must be the suits!) and Man Or Astro-Man! Anyway, they come a bit from everywhere (Wycoming, Akron and Minneaopolis) and their crazy electro-rockworld is one of the most original ones you can find... The needed dose of electronic and the acquired rockpatterns are making Volumen one of the most original bands you can come accross! Music for skateboardkids who are carrying a laptop under their arms...something different, but something good!!!