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KFJC On-Line Reviews 10/20/2004
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Title: Review of Volumen / No-Fi Soul Rebellion Split 7"
Author: Hunter Gatherer

Volumen/No-Fi Soul Rebellion � �Lady Cop/Ch*rch� � [W�ntage Records] � 45 rpm
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� Hunter Gatherer @ 10:41 pm

Two bands from Missoula, Montana release a split 7″ on a label based in Missoula, Montana. Coincidence? You decide.

Volumen take the A side with the song Lady Cop. It�s 3:42 of funky fun with fuzz guitar and synthesizer. For some reason I was reminded of Urge Overkill circa The Kids Are Insane. Let�s hope this isn�t the last we hear from Volumen for a while � according to their website one member just got married and another is expecting a baby. Let�s all hope for a long winter with lots of studio time.

No-Fi Soul Rebellion is essentially one guy, Mark Heimer, who wanted to perform in a band but didn�t want the hassle with bandmates. His solution? He invented the �Soul System,� a bass guitar with the strings removed and a mini-disc player embedded inside. On stage, his wife dances around wearing the Soul System while the husband karaokes to his own songs. They�re like a post-modern Partridge Family.

Anyway the B side, Ch*rch, is a more mechanical, synthesized funk than the A side. It�s the kind of music that Morris Day and Devo could have made if only they had put their petty jealousies aside. Oh, and NFSR lose points for rhyming �lurch� and �jerks� with �church.�