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Shane Hickey

As the introverted boy genius of VOLUMEN, it most often falls to Shane to write the songs that make the whole world sing and the young girls cry. When hes not singing about underwater lovemaking or playing video games for 36 hours straight (passions which, as reliable sources inform, he enjoys more or less equally), Shane can usually be found pressing wildflowers in his lockable Holly Hobby diary (combination: 3-23-16) or walking and reading Popular Mechanics at the same time. He is also a world class mental archivist of nearly-forgotten pop acts of the early 1980s and an unrepentant fan of some of the fruitiest music ever recorded. In fact, the last male bonding I did with Shane was over our shared love of the Art of Noise, and the Magnetic Fields album Holiday.

Here's some articles and other random press for your viewing pleasure.

And Now the Screaming Starts 11/14/2006
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Title: Music: "And the swart fins of doom race underfoot!"
Author: Crwm

I feel bad that I vicariously dragged everybody through the crap sci-fi/horror of Jason X. So, to make it up to you all and try to repair whatever damage that film might have done to our friendship, I humbly offer you the epic-on-a-budget sci-fi wonder that is the video for the Volumen's indie-pop "Sexy Astronaut." Thrill to the sight of uncharted planet-spheres, tremble before the horror of the sand shark, fear the otherworldly rage of the land octopuseses-es-ez-si. Enjoy.

The Volumen are a new wave outfit that hails from Missoula, Montana. They formed in 1996, went through some line up changes, and settled into the current roster by 2000. The band put out EPs in 2000 and 2001, but it wasn't until 2006 that they finally produced the full length Science Faction. You can find this album and more on their official site.

To keep my spook-site cred, here's the Volumen working a more traditional horror-vein in the video for the song "Snakes."