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Volumen 1's Tour Diary


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  We Found Canada Tour (2002)
("We found Canada!" Tour) - toured with Mike and a motorcycle - toured NW US (Bellingham, Seattle, Richland, etc + Victoria and Vancouver)

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You know this time last year, no one in Missoula would even considering going to Spokane. As far as we knew there wasn't even a decent venue there let alone a scene. That's all changing pretty rapidly folks. It's such a great location...sittin' halfway between Missoula and Seattle. We played our first show there last March with minimal hopes. It ended up being a great show...good booze...good $. This time around it was pretty much the same but a lil' better. This is because the venue was so much better than the last. The B-Side is smack dab in the middle of downtown Spokane. The jukebox is super cool along with excellent pinball and video golf options. The fellow Crush who put the show on is quite the promoter. He's got a good thing going there. The show was a hoot and the crowd seemed to be into what we were doing. The vibe was very similar to a packed show at Jay's. Just a ton of people gettin' drunk and rockin' out! Many of our Missoula friends even made the drive out to see us. Needless to say it's nice to see some familiar faces at a show. It was definitely the perfect ending to absolutely successful tour...that is to say by our standards. Unfortunately there were no photos taken from this show. However I've compiled some photos that didn't fit in anywhere else. Many of them are artsy Chris Bacon photos. Enjoy doods! We'll see you next time we're out.

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