Science Faction (2006)

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Volumen 1's Tour Diary


  Cries From Space Tour (2002)

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  We Found Canada Tour (2002)
("We found Canada!" Tour) - toured with Mike and a motorcycle - toured NW US (Bellingham, Seattle, Richland, etc + Victoria and Vancouver)

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This show was the one we were waiting for. On the last tour we joked about playing in Richland. We had a pretty rough time on that tour, and by the time we got to Richland we kidded each other about how it was gonna be a great show. Well as it turned out, our show in Richland was a life saver. It was the best show we played that entire tour. Not because there was a ton of kids there...because there wasn't. But the ones who were there, were fuckin' into it. We couldn't wait to get back there and play again. This time around was completely amazing. There were a ton of kids there....dancin'...singin' the lyrics to all the songs. I know it sounds cheezy, but that's what it's all about. It was completely surreal...we signed a bunch of autographs and one couple even made us a cake. A friggin' cake doods! How cool is that? With the icing they wrote "Volumen Doods i love you?" with a robot next to it. For those of you who don't remember that was the front page on this site at the time. It was this picture of a robot with the text "i love you" above it. Man...I wish we could play in Richland at Atomic City every weekend. But that my friends would be too much of an ego boost for Volumen. After the show we decided to splurge and get a hotel. We found this weird "tiki" style joint. It was a ma and pa type deal. We had to wake this lady up just to get a room. After settling in, we decided to sneak into the hot tub and enjoy a few Budweisers. It was so relaxing...that is until the lady showed up and kicked us out of there. She was pretty cool about it considering that we broke nearly every rule. After the soak we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot of us eating some Volumen Cake. Ah hell there's no need explaining can witness the gayness first hand from the photos!

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