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Volumen 1's Tour Diary


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  We Found Canada Tour (2002)
("We found Canada!" Tour) - toured with Mike and a motorcycle - toured NW US (Bellingham, Seattle, Richland, etc + Victoria and Vancouver)

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Whoa...I forgot all about this friggin' diary. Geez all four of you guys reading this thing must think I'm a royal asshole. I'm apologize doods. Thank god we took so many pictures...they jogged my memory...otherwise I wouldn't of remembered what the hell we did. We spent most of the afternoon on Wednesday hanging out at Paul's house. I tried Ethiopian food for the first time that day...pretty damn good doods! That night we made the short jont to Tacoma, to play our first show in three days. You have to realize two days seems like weeks when you're on tour-time. We were scheduled to play at Hell's Kitchen that night. We were convinced that it had to be better than the last Tacoma show. For those of you who didn't read the Mustache Tour Diary...the last time we were in Tacoma, we played for almost two hours to two super excited pool tables. This time around there was a good crowd...and most importantly a good time. The opening band...Science Victim was pretty good. It's a great name atleast. After the show, the fella who got us the show said we could crash at his place. I tell ya Chris was one of the best hosts we've ever had on tour. The plan was to go to Taco Bell, get some booze, and party down my schniggies. Unfortunately Taco Bell was closed...actually it ended being for the best. Doug and Bob got some sandwich fixins and made some bitchin' Monte Cristo sandwiches. For those of you who don't know...a Monte Cristo is bascically a big ass sandwich with french toast as the bread, and you dip it jelly. They were fantastic doods! Following a night of "gettin' er done", Chris took us to this awesome breakfast joint. The place had a bowling alley, arcade, restaurant and miniature golf. So after some chicken fried steak, we decided to play some golf. I'll spare you the boring details...except for the fact that I won. Before I had a chance to soak up the win, we were already in the arcade playin' pinball and this awsome Japanese dancing game. The pictures will explain everything!

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