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  Baltic Tour (2003)
Volumen 1's Tour Diary


  Cries From Space Tour (2002)

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  We Found Canada Tour (2002)
("We found Canada!" Tour) - toured with Mike and a motorcycle - toured NW US (Bellingham, Seattle, Richland, etc + Victoria and Vancouver)

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Once we were back on land, it was off to the Casino. While we were on the ferry we discovered a brochure for an Indian Casino! First off though we decided to get some vitals. We found an awesome seafood joint and decided to splurge a little bit. Holy cow...who shoulda seen what Bacon ordered. Now...this dood is one skinny mo fo, but when he sets his mind to it...he can really get his eat on. If I remember correctly it was a seafood bonanza that consisted of a whole lobster, crab legs, clams, mussels, and salmon to name a few. Once we'd eaten our fill, we headed over to the casino. We were all pretty psyched...except for Chris and Mike...they're not into the whole gambling thing. After arriving at the Casino, we were pretty bummed to find out that there was no alcohol. Damn! Actually there was a bar in an adjacent restaurant, but it wasn't the same. I somehow managed to lose half of what I'd won at the last Casino. That's why they call it gambling folks. I think Shane was the only one who ended up ahead this time. After a somewhat disappointing  experience at the Casino, we took off to find a decnt hotel. The next morning after breakfast, we headed over to a skate park we had seen the previous day. It was definitely Bacon's turn to have some fun. It was a pretty awesome park. There were these two kids that were all about the old school skateboarding i.e. Dog Town Z Boys shit. They were a lot of fun to watch. Following the skate session we decided to try and catch a ferry outta town and head back to the states. What can I say...somehow the ferry ride back was even more fun than the one on the way over. After landing back on American soil...we decided to try to make it back to Seattle to stay with friends. The border guy hassled us a lil' bit, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it was when we were heading into Canada. He was giving Chris grief for having a birth certificate that was voided. Oh and we lost Mike in Canada. He did however turn up for the show the following night in Tacoma. On the drive to Seattle we learned that our dog...Roxie...was very ill...she was going to have to have emergency surgery. This news definitely put a damper on my fun for the rest of the tour. Once in Seattle though, we put the bad news behind us and partied with some old friends. It was definitely a great time...topped off with a late night dinner and this super weird all night restaurant. It was like a super deluxe Denny's. That night we stayed with Paul again...good guy! Photos...of Victoria and stuff.

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