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  We Found Canada Tour (2002)
("We found Canada!" Tour) - toured with Mike and a motorcycle - toured NW US (Bellingham, Seattle, Richland, etc + Victoria and Vancouver)

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After getting everyone together, we spent the afternoon hanging out in you may have seen from the photos. We pretty much just hung out around Pike Street Market. It's amazing how many more wackos Seattle has compared to Missoula. Phew...there's no way I could ever live in that town. I could list a million reasons why, but now's not the time. Gotta stay on track here doods. After purchasing a few snazzy belts and accompanying buckles, we hit the road to Bellingham. We had a blast there on our last tour, and expected good things...well at least better than the twenty some odd people we had the night before. On the way to Bellingham, we decided to stop off in Marysville to go to the Indian Casino. Boy am I glad we did. I ended up walking out of there $300 ahead. The rest of the boys didn't fair so well...except Bacon who decided to skateboard instead. Man that loot I won bank rolled the whole tour for me. It definitely made the trip more relaxed for not have to worry about money. After kicking butt in Jackpot Party, we were back on the road. Shortly after arriving, the 3B treated us to pizza and informed us that beer was free all night. Hooooey what a start! Those guys over at the 3B (Aaron the owner included) are some good people I tell ya. It was a packed crowd and most people seemed to like it....even though we're not your typical 3B dirty rock band. We played first...which was nice because it gave us a chance to drink and enjoy the other bands. The other two bands were great... Bleed...Reeks and Wrecks...oh and an opening was a two-piece...shoot I've forgotten their name...let's say it was Amazing Ted and Another Dude Not Named Ted. While the bar was closing, I tried to track down Aaron to see if he'd sell us some beer for the after hours. He obliged us...after entering the walk-in, he comes out with a bag full of lemons. He says, "You wanted lemons...right?". After a good laugh he went back into the cooler and gave us a case of Bud for free. Whatta guy! Once we left the club, the plan was to go to a friend of Bacon's named Jake. We had crashed there last time and they showed us a wonderful time. This time around was equally as fun...well what I can remember at least. I believe Bob, Jake and I played blackjack until four or five in the morning. It started off at one dollar a game, and Bob was bank rollin' the whole thing. At first Bob was gettin' killed. I remember one hand where Jake, Sarah?, and I all got blackjack. It was heelarious... I couldn't stop laughing...seriously. But then something happened... Ol' Stable Mable Marshall turned things around on us. Next thing I know, I'm yelling for five dollar games. After all was said and done...Bob had wiped out our host...and I was even. Well's up for debate. The next morning our host awoke us to some Sunday morning football. I was pleasantly surprised to see my team (Chicago Bears) up twenty to nil. Unfortunately some how those idiots found a way to lose. Sports schmorts! After spending some quality time relaxing at the lake, we headed into town to have a greasy Sunday brunch. Enjoy some photos from these two days!

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