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Shane Hickey

As the introverted boy genius of VOLUMEN, it most often falls to Shane to write the songs that make the whole world sing and the young girls cry. When hes not singing about underwater lovemaking or playing video games for 36 hours straight (passions which, as reliable sources inform, he enjoys more or less equally), Shane can usually be found pressing wildflowers in his lockable Holly Hobby diary (combination: 3-23-16) or walking and reading Popular Mechanics at the same time. He is also a world class mental archivist of nearly-forgotten pop acts of the early 1980s and an unrepentant fan of some of the fruitiest music ever recorded. In fact, the last male bonding I did with Shane was over our shared love of the Art of Noise, and the Magnetic Fields album Holiday.

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Montana Arts Council 07/26/2006
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Title: Science Faction Review
Author: Mariss Mctucker

Volumen: Science Faction
Recorded by Volumen at the Playboy Mansion/Volumen Compound, Missoula, MT; mastered by John Golden; and released in March 2006.

Missoula indie rockers Volumen (Shane Hickey, guitar and vocals; Doug Smith, guitar and vocals; Bryan Hickey, bass; Chris Bacon, keyboards and percussion; and Bob Marshall, drums) have made a superb, thematic album for the 21st century, replete with riveting songwriting and sharp rock 'n roll stylings.

Childhood buddies and bandmates Shane Hickey and Doug Smith grew up near Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, close to buried ICBMs, so it's no wonder apocalyptic notions grace their songs.

Volumen, together 10 years, has new-wave rock figured out. The singing has matured; a tinge of David Byrne vocals and Bowie sensibility melds with thick and smudgy guitar chords over killer drum work. The mix is excellent. The vocals wail just a bit louder than the frenzy of instrumental prowess, so that you have to read along with the lyrics at least once. That's rock 'n roll.

Extended guitar riffing ends one song and bleeds into the next; there are instrumental send-ups, corrupted church bells, lots of that memorable Telstar-sound from the 60s, and the high woo-wee-woo background sounds of any old sci-fi program. Buzzing, clanging, speedy and energizing rock, interrupted by prettiness. And, get this: a garaged-out version of Sibelius's "Finlandia."

Volumen is a Missoula favorite; if this album, three-plus years in the making, doesn't bring the group greater success, then record execs have tin ears.

Visit www.volumen.com or www.wantageusa.com.
Mariss McTucker