Science Faction
Science Faction

Released in March of 2006. Recorded and written at the Volumen Compound on and off over a four year period.

Side of a Box
Orson Welles Was Right
The Church With No Name
The Launch
Magnetic Communication
I Dunno
So What
[ Lush & Co. ]
The Last Mile
What I Gots

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  Lush & Co.

He thought he had it going on. Without a doubt his shit was blowing up all over town.
The Rutherford dust he�s sown is now a gavel rap. It�s his sentence on genesis row.
Help me land a haunt so I can be with lush and company.

Spit out into the afterglow it�s a long way back to my memory sensory whoa.
And with a sip I�ll make my bed and wake up in it.
I sleep with lush & co.

Let�s all fall down� down� down.

I broke her heart that very next day. It was pumping blood and spilling all over the place.
This broken record of lush and company goes on and on and on.

Let�s all fall down� down� down.

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