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  Baltic Tour Estonia (2003)
(Tour:Baltic) - toured with Josh Vanek, Andy Smetanka, Mike "Private Dick, Dirty Finn" Valentine - Toured Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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Definitely one of the better times I had on tour. Our hosts Roland and Jane when above and beyond the call of duty. They made a real effort to make us feel comfortable in their town. After the show some of the guys including myself had an impromptu photo shoot. Most of the photos are entirely too embarrassing to show you. Oh and I ate at Mc Donalds. It tastes exactly the same, but it's not a Quarter Pounder with cheese...nor is it a Royal with Cheese...I think they called it a Juusteburger. I dunno something like that. Some kid outside of Micky D's conned Doug out of a Happy Meal. He said in a very weak voice, "Please sir I'm so very hungry." I was convinced that he sat there everyday and pulled the same scam on other stupid foreigners. Way to go kid!

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