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(Tour:Baltic) - toured with Josh Vanek, Andy Smetanka, Mike "Private Dick, Dirty Finn" Valentine - Toured Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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We spent the first and last days of tour in Snappertuna. It's about an hours drive from Helsinki. We stayed in a cabin owned by Peterri's family. The first night there, we were completely out of it. We hadn't slept in at least 36 hrs. I had my first real sauna experience. At that point I was pretty uncomfortable being naked around seven other dudes, but that changed after being on the road for two weeks.

The second visit in Snappertuna was like decompressing from a long voyage underwater, where we had discovered a ship from the future and an object named Jerry who seemed to be able to read our minds. Wait that was something else...

I told myself on this trip that I'd keep a diary on the road instead of trying to remember what we did months later.  Well I only have one entry in my diary.... now it's the end of February, nearly six months after our tour in Europe. So I guess you can't blame a guy for confusing his real life experiences with Sci-Fi.


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