Sharing and Caring
Sharing and Caring

This album is a collection of early four-track songs recorded by Volumen 1 and 2.  It was released in extremely limited quantities in 1995.

[ Shane and Doug's Cooking Show ]

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  Shane and Doug's Cooking Show

C'mon in.
It's the one and only Shane and Doug show.
Doug's cooking fish and I'm cooking chicken.
Everything looks great. C'mon in.
C'mon in.
One and only Shane and Doug show.
I'm cooking Beef Bullion
and Doug's choppin Celery till the break of dawn.

Oh please, C'mon in.
Everything is stickin' to your ribs
and bring the kids we run a family restaurant show.

Have a seet and me and Doug will wash your feet and
please, please, please C'mon in.

Open the door, we'll grant your wishes.
Me and Doug will make some dishes we got a kid in the back
to cut the shit up and...

C'mon in. It's the Shane Hickey fabe-a-lous cooking show
Doug does a little thing here and there
But to have his name in the title?
I don't think so.

It's my goddawn show right now I wanna tell you that it's my show now.
If he brings that fucking knife and that kid around here again
I'm going to whup in the ass with a piece of celery.

Ok. It can be the Shane and Doug show.
Fuck that.
It's my goddawn cooking show.

NOTE: This is the theme song from the cooking show that we were too lazy to film.

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